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Yocto3.1.10 LTS(Dunfell 23.10)リリース

昨年4月にリリースされたYocto3.1LTS(Dunfell)の10回目のポイントリリース、3.1.10 公開のアナウンスが


ポイントリリースは、基本的にCVEに登録された脆弱性対応のSecurity Fix 発見されたbugへの

ポイントリリースは、基本的にCVEに登録された脆弱性対応のSecurity Fix 発見されたbugへの
対処が主となりますが、現時点(8/11 12:00JST)では、次回リリースに向けての修正のコミットが多数登録されています。

次のポイントリリース3.1.11は 2021/9/24 を予定しています。

今回のポイントリリースでは、auto builder 実行時にtcl socket.test がエラーになる現象が




Known Issues
AB-INT PTEST: tcl socket.test intermittent failure

Security Fixes
gstreamer-plugins-good: ignore CVE-2021-3497/8 since they are fixed
gstreamer-plugins-base: ignore CVE-2021-3522 since it is fixed
bluez: fix CVE-2021-3588
dhcp: fix CVE-2021-25217
busybox: fix CVE-2021-28831
gstreamer-plugins-base: fix CVE-2021-3522
rpm: fix CVE-2021-3421
libx11: Fix CVE-2021-31535
libxml2: Fix CVE-2021-3518
expat: fix CVE-2013-0340

bitbake: providers: replace newly added logger.warn() with logger.warning()
bitbake: data_smart: Allow colon in variable expansion regex
bitbake: data_smart/parse: Allow ':' characters in variable/function names
bitbake: BBHandler: Don't classify shell functions that names start with "python*" as python function
poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.10 release
documentation: prepare for 3.1.10 releas
kernel-devsrc: fix 32bit ARM devsrc builds
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.132
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.131
busybox: add tmpdir option into mktemp applet
sstate: Drop pseudo exclusion
pseudo: Update to latest version including statx fix
pseudo: Add uninative configuration sanity check
report-error: Drop pointless inherit
update-rc.d: update SRCREV to pull in fix for non-bash shell support
tzdata: Allow controlling zoneinfo binary format
oeqa/selftest/multiprocesslauch: Fix test race
dwarfsrcfiles: Avoid races over debug-link files
bootchart2: update 0.14.8 -> 0.14.9
glibc: update to lastest 2.31 release HEAD
webkitgtk: Upgrade to 2.28.4
webkitgtk: upgrade 2.28.2 -> 2.28.3
python3: upgrade 3.8.10 -> 3.8.11
oeqa/selftest/archiver: Allow tests to ignore empty directories
devtool: deploy-target: Fix preserving attributes when using --strip
sstate/staging: Handle directory creation race issue
oeqa/selftest/runcmd: Tweal test timeouts
sstate.bbclass: fix errors about read-only sstate mirrors
package_pkgdata: Avoid task hash mismatches for generic task changes
perf: Use python3targetconfig to ensure we use target libraries
selftest: do not hardcode /tmp/sdk
kernel-devicetree: Fix interaction when packaging disabled
kernel: Fix interaction when packaging disabled
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.129
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.128
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.125
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.124
python3: apply test skipping patch unconditionally
python3: skip tests requiring tools-sdk
python3-ptest: add newly discovered missing rdeps
python3: upgrade 3.8.9 -> 3.8.10
python3: upgrade 3.8.8 -> 3.8.9
powertop: fix aclocal error too many loops
python3: upgrade 3.8.7 -> 3.8.8
python3: upgrade 3.8.6 -> 3.8.7
python3: upgrade 3.8.5 -> 3.8.6
python3: upgrade 3.8.4 -> 3.8.5
python3: upgrade 3.8.3 -> 3.8.4
python3: upgrade 3.8.2 -> 3.8.3
uninative: Upgrade to 3.2 (gcc11 support)