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Yocto2.4.4 リリース


本日(日本時間2018年12月3日 15:30)現在、git で branch rocko で指定したものは
・pythonj3.5の replib の manifestの登録の修正


Known Issues

Security Fixes
shadow: CVE-2016-6252, CVE-2018-7169, CVE-2017-2616
patch: CVE-2018-6952
libvorbis: CVE-2018-10392, CVE-2017-14160, CVE-2018-10393
libxcursor: CVE-2017-16612
Binutils: CVE-2018-7642, CVE-2018-7569, CVE-2018-7568, CVE-2018-7208, CVE-2018-6759, CVE-2018-6323, CVE-2018-13033, CVE-2018-10535, CVE-2018-10534, CVE-2018-10373, CVE-2018-10372, CVE-2017-17123, CVE-2017-17125, CVE-2017-17122, CVE-2017-17121, CVE-2017-17080, CVE-2017-17080, CVE-2017-16832, CVE-2017-16831, CVE-2017-16830, CVE-2017-16829, CVE-2017-16828, CVE-2017-16827, CVE-2017-16826, CVE-2017-15996, CVE-2017-15939, CVE-2017-15225, CVE-2017-15025, CVE-2017-15024, CVE-2017-15023, CVE-2017-15022, CVE-2017-15021, CVE-2017-14940, CVE-2017-14939, CVE-2017-14938, CVE-2017-14934, CVE-2017-14933, CVE-2017-14932, CVE-2017-14930, CVE-2017-12967
perl: CVE-2017-12837
libnl: CVE-2017-0553
perl: CVE-2017-12883
patch: CVE-2018-1000156, CVE-2018-6951
dhcp: CVE-2017-3144
libvorbis: CVE-2018-5146, CVE-2017-14632, CVE-2017-14633
lame: revert CVE-2017-13712"

build-appliance-image: Update to rocko head revision
poky.conf: Bump version for 2.4.4 rocko release
linux-yoct-rt/4.4: update to 4.4.162
linux-yocto-tiny/4.4: update to 4.4.162
linux-yocto/4.4: update to 4.4.162
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.28
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.26
linux-yocto/4.12: bump to v4.12.25
linux-yocto/4.12: gcc8 + platform support
yocto-uninative: Upgrade to verson 2.3 which includes glibc 2.28
os-release: move to nonarch_libdir
os-release: fix to install in the expected location
tzdata: update to 2018f
tzcode: update to 2018f
tzdata: update to 2018e
tzcode-native: updatet to 2018e
tzcode-native: update to 2018d
tzdata: update to 2018d
tzcode: remove unused patch files
valgrind: fix compile ptest failure on mips32
valgrind: fix ptest compilation for PowerPC64
valgrind: fix the shared object issue while prelink ptest
valgrind: Mask CPUID support in HWCAP on aarch64
toolchain-scripts: preserve host path in environment setup script
lsb/lsbtests: Update package lists to use latest version of binary
perl: skip tests that are not useful
documentation: Updated release date for 2.4.4 release
make: add missing Signed-off-by
make: Backport fixes to not assume glibc internal glob implementation
recipes: Update addresses after upstream changes
cryptodev: Fix build errors with v4.17+
shadow: update ownership and permission of /var/spool/mail
license.bbclass: be a bit more strict when searching ${PN}-${LICENSE_PACKAGE_SUFFIX} in packages
license.bbclass: Minor simplification of get_deployed_dependencies()
multilib_header: recognize BPF as a target
python2: Fix build with gcc8
python-native: add dependency for gdbm and db native packages
python: Upgrade both python and python-native to 2.7.14
bzip2: use Yocto Project mirror for SRC_URI
classes: sanity-check LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
module-base.bbclass: fix out-of-tree module builds with custom EXTRA_OEMAKE
bitbake: checksum: sanity check path when recursively checksumming
bitbake: utils/md5_file: don't iterate line-by-line
bitbake: tests/fetch: Update urls after upstream changes
documentation: Preparation for 2.4.4 release
devtool/ error out in case of downloading file failure
perf: disable parallelism for 'make clean'
glibc: Update 2.26 to tip
cryptodev: refresh patches
cryptodev: switch SRC_URI to git
cryptodev: Fix build errors with v4.13+
ovmf: set PARALLEL_MAKE for target as well
ovmf: Fix build with gcc8
ovmf: refresh patches
perf: fix build with kernel older than 4.8
perf: make a copy of kernel source to perf workdir
perf: enable support for libaudit
bintutils: Update to tip of 2.29 branch
linux-yocto-tiny/4.9: update to 4.9.113
linux-yocto-rt/4.9: update to 4.9.113
linux-yocto/4.9: update to 4.9.113
linux-stable-tiny/4.4: update to 4.4.141
linux-yocto-rt/4.4: update to 4.4.141
linux-yocto/4.4: update to 4.4.141
yocto-uninative: Upgrade to version 2.2
yocto-uninative: Update to version 2.1
lsof: Update SRC_URI
make-mod-scripts: add build requirements for external modules
make-mod-scripts/kernel-devsrc: Fix objtool issues
wic: if we can't get from ioctl, try from os.stat()
linux-firmware: package rtl8168 firmware
linux-firmware: upgrade to 8fc2d4e5 revision
linux-firmware: upgrade to 4c0bf11 revision
linux-firmware: fix typo
linux-firmware: package all ibt-17-x-x.sfi/ddc firmware
linux-firmware: package ibt-17-16-1 firmware
linux-firmware: package iwlwifi-9000 series fimware
linux-firmware: add packaging for QCOM firmware for APQ8016 and APQ8096
linux-firmware: Bump revision to 65b1c68c
systemd: remove the group 'lock'
minicom: change SRC_URI to use Debian mirrors
mirrors: add Debian snapshot mirror for 2018
shadow: update SRC_URI now Alioth is down
chrpath: Alioth is dead, use DEBIAN_MIRROR
popt: update SRC_URI
common-licenses: Add BSD-1-Clause
libxml2: fix makefile for ptests
oeqa/selftest/systemd_boot: Never use cleansstate in QA tests without special handling of SSTATE_DIR
bitbake: fetch2/__init__: Disable pseudo in runfetchcmd()
bitbake: fetch2: fix import error for Python 3.6.5
distcc-doc_3.2: improve reproducibility
ifupdown: correct the repository location
tzdata: fix a typo.
linux-yoct/4.12: update to v4.12.24
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.23
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.22
poky.ent: Updated poky version.
documentation: Prepped set for a 2.4.3 release
ref-manual: Updated SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS variable
bsp-guide: Fixed manual title in title page note
ref-manual: Updated the SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS variable
documentation: Updated manual notes
bitbake: toaster: do not fail on optional 'custom.xml' file
bitbake: Toaster: fix shutdown and extra threads
build-appliance-image: Update to rocko head revision
poky: Bump version to 2.4.3
meta-yocto-bsp: bump to the latest v4.12 stable kernel for the non-x86 BSPs
linux-yocto: update genericx86* SRCREVs for 4.12
ncurses: Abstract out termlib
ncurses: fix deletion of /usr/lib/terminfo
ncurses: fix do_install failure when base_libdir has more than one level
ncurses: 6.0+20170715 -> 6.0+20171125 use single quotes for path passed to file in is_elf()
package.bbclass: Add '-b' option to file call in isELF
package.bbclass: use single quotes for path passed to file in isELF()
Revert "package.bbclass: Add '-b' option to file call in isELF"
ruby: Update to 2.4.4
ruby: fix typo in gmp PACKAGECONFIG option
ruby: remove spurious db build dependency
ruby: upgrade to 2.4.2
grub/grub-efi: fix conflict
scripts/ remove
Revert "waf.bbclass: explicitly pass bindir and libdir if supported"
perl: add patch to solve libcrypt incompatibility
rsync: update to 3.1.3
mpfr: Update SRC_URI to use gnu
uninative: Set the dynamic linker to use at compile time
uninative: Add allow-shlib-undefined to BUILD_LDFLAGS and drop other workarounds
bitbake.conf: Set and export TZ envvar to UTC
yocto-uninative: Update to version 1.9 (fedora28 compatible)
package.bbclass: Add '-b' option to file call in isELF
patch:2.7.5 -> 2.7.6
gio-module-cache.bbclass: pass in ${libexecdir}
uninative: add variables to the whitelist so that it does not re-triger recipe parsing Skip gpgcheck while using dnf on target
libpcre-ptest: skip locale test
openssl: update 1.1.0g -> 1.1.0h
openssl: update 1.0.2n -> 1.0.2o
openssl: fix libdir logic to allow multiarch style paths
openssl: drop openssl-1.0.2a-x32-asm.patch
openssl: refresh patches
package_rpm: set _builddir to B not S
linux-yocto/4.12: intel-socfpga, intel-pmc-core and ish support for CoffeeLake board
linux-yocto/meta: improve wifi driver granularity
linux-yocto/4.12: add ssl and utils native dependencies
linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.21
mirrors.bbclass: change Debian anonscm to salsa
ca-certificates: change SRC_URI from Debian anonscm to salsa
ncurses: change SRC_URI from Debian anonscm to salsa
curl: DEPENDS on libidn2 (not libidn)
libxml2: 2.9.4 -> 2.9.5
curl: upgrade to 7.58.0
curl: 7.54.1 -> 7.57.0
logging.bbclass: Enclose the tr string in quotes
bitbake.conf: Add comm to HOSTTOOLS
lttng-modules: update to v2.10.5 for kernel 4.15
lttng-ust: upgrade 2.9.1 -> 2.10.1
lttng-modules: upgrade 2.9.5 -> 2.10.4
distcc: Change SRC_URI
e2fsprogs: fix compatibility with glibc 2.27
openssl_1.0.2n: improve reproducibility
checklayer: remove reference to undefined class
valgrind: Fix multilib header conflict - valgrind/config.h
tiff: Fix multilib header conflict - tiffconf.h
scripts/oe-build-perf-report: fix comparing arbitrary commits
ca-certificates: run postinst script only for -target package
linux-yocto/4.12: backport bugfixes for x86
linux-yocto/4.12: warning: drm/i915/cfl: Coffee Lake works on Kaby Lake PCH
linux-yocto/4.12: memleak and build warning fixes
linux-yocto/4.12: fix aufs compile warning
linux-yocto/4.12: add stratix10 SoC development board
qemu: fix memfd_create with glibc 2.27
package-manager: add install_glob()
package_manager: improve install_complementary
sdk: generate locale archive and remove packages
populate_sdk_base: depend on nativesdk-glibc-locale
populate_sdk: install UTF-8 locales in SDKs
sdk: only install locales if we're using glibc
sdk: install specified locales into SDK
cross-localedef-native: add way to specify which locale archive to write
glibc: relocate locale paths in nativesdk
glibc: don't use host locales in nativesdk
default-distrovars: don't rename locales for nativesdk
beaglebone: Find /boot partition on mmcblk0
gcc: Fix internal compiler error for PPC test case "gcc.dg/vmx/7d-02.c"
gcc: Fix test case issue when SSE is not enabled add myself as maintainer for the new busybox-inittab
layer.conf: add busybox-inittab to SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFE
busybox: separate inittab into own package, due to SERIAL_CONSOLES being machine-specific Explicit complementary fail
go: Upgrade 1.9 to 1.9.4 stable release
uninative: Add compatiblity version check
yocto-uninative: Upgrade to 1.8 version with glibc 2.27
unfs3: Fix libtirpc usage for unfs3-native version
libtirpc: Extend to native and nativesdk recipes
unfs3: Fix build with musl
gcc6: Patch to fix broken gcc-sanitizers build
gdb: fix header ordering for TRAP_HWBKPT
glibc: add missing TRAP_BRANCH/TRAP_HWBKPT definitions
gcc: Remove patch causing ICE on x86_64 valgrind compile
gcc6: Backport few more patches
gcc6: enable FL_LPAE flag for armv7ve cores
gcc7/gcc6: Fix unaligned STRD issue on ARM
gcc6: Upgrade to 6.4
gcc: Fix libssh_nonshared linker specs for ppc/musl
gcc: Link libssp_nonshared.a only on musl targets
gcc-runtime: Disable libitm on riscv
bitbake: providers: Fix determinism issue
glibc: Update to tip of 2.26
glibc: Adapt do_install_append_aarch64() for usrmerge
libtirpc: refresh patches
libtirpc: stop dropping in NIS headers
libunwind: Fix multilib header conflict - libunwind.h
libmpc: fix SRC_URI
siteinfo: add aarch64_illp32 decode
update-rc.d: QA regression. Fix configure failure for aarch64 build
eglinfo-fb: Pass -DMESA_EGL_NO_X11_HEADERS to cxxflags
openssl: remove patch from 1.0.2m left behind after update to 1.0.2n
p11-kit: take source code from official git