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当初予定では7/19構築、7/30 公開予定でしたが、若干遅れてのリリースとなっています。


Known Issues
Bug 14388 - AB-INT PTEST: valgrind failed helgrind/tests/hg05_race2

Security Fixes
curl: Fix CVE-2021-22897
curl: Fix CVE-2021-22898
binutils: Fix CVE-2021-20197
rxvt-unicode: fix CVE-2021-33477
libconvert-asn1-perl: fix CVE-2013-7488
avahi: apply fix for CVE-2021-3468
libx11: fix CVE-2021-31535
curl: cleanup CVE patches for hardknott
expat: set CVE_PRODUCT
curl: fix CVE-2021-22876
curl: fix CVE-2021-22890
qemu: Exclude CVE-2020-3550[4/5/6] from cve-check
xinetd: Exclude CVE-2013-4342 from cve-check add exclusion list for intractable CVE's
grub: Exclude CVE-2019-14865 from cve-check
grub2: Add CVE whitelist entries for issues fixed in 2.06
libxml2: Fix CVE-2021-3541
libxml2: Fix CVE-2021-3518
libxml2: fix CVE-2021-3537
libxml2: fix CVE-2021-3516
libxml2: fix CVE-2021-3517
cups: whitelist CVE-2021-25317
avahi: Exclude CVE-2021-26720 from cve-check
librsvg: Exclude CVE-2018-1000041 from cve-check
coreutils: Exclude CVE-2016-2781 from cve-check
tiff: Exclude CVE-2015-7313 from cve-check
bluez: Exclude CVE-2020-12352 CVE-2020-24490 from cve-check
ghostscript: Exclude CVE-2013-6629 from cve-check
cpio: Exclude CVE-2010-4226 from cve-check
unzip: Exclude CVE-2008-0888 from cve-check
openssh: Exclude CVE-2008-3844 from cve-check
openssh: Exclude CVE-2007-2768 from cve-check
logrotate: Exclude CVE-2011-1548,1549,1550 from cve-check
jquery: Exclude CVE-2007-2379 from cve-check
qemu: Exclude CVE-2018-18438 from cve-check
qemu: Exclude CVE-2007-0998 from cve-check
qemu: Exclude CVE-2017-5957 from cve-check
builder: whitelist CVE-2008-4178 (a different builder)
libnotify: whitelist CVE-2013-7381 (specific to the NodeJS bindings)
glibc: Document and whitelist CVE-2019-1010022-25

bitbake: data_smart: Allow colon in variable expansion regex
bitbake: data_smart/parse: Allow ':' characters in variable/function names
poky.conf: bump version for 3.3.2 hardknott release
documentation: prepare for 3.3.2 release
xserver-xorg: Fix builds without glx
busybox: add tmpdir option into mktemp applet
kernel-devsrc: fix scripts prepare for powerpc
kernel-devsrc: fix scripts/prepare for ARM64
dwarfsrcfiles: Avoid races over debug-link files
oeqa/selftest/multiprocesslauch: Fix test race
go: upgrade 1.16.4 -> 1.16.5
go: upgrade 1.16.3 -> 1.16.4
linux-yocto-dev: base AUTOREV on specified version
boost-build-native: workaround one rarely hang problem on fedora34
glibc-testsuite: Fix build failures when directly running recipe
runqemu: Remove potential lock races around tap device handling
perl: correct libpth and glibpth
busybox: upgrade 1.33.0 -> 1.33.1
linux-firmware: Package RSI 911x WiFi firmware
linux-yocto/5.10: scsi-debug needs scsi-disk
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.129
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.47
openssh: Remove temporary keys before generating new ones
oeqa/selftest/archiver: Allow tests to ignore empty directories
devtool: deploy-target: Fix preserving attributes when using --strip
sstate/staging: Handle directory creation race issue
oeqa/selftest/runcmd: Tweal test timeouts
bitbake: fetch2: add check for empty SRC_URI hash string
bitbake: fetch/svn: Fix parsing revision of SVN repos with redirects
bsps/5.10: update to v5.10.43
lttng-modules: update to v2.12.6
kernel-devsrc: adjust NM and OBJTOOL variables for target
kern-tools: Kconfiglib: add support for bare 'modules' keyword
kern-tools: add dropped options to audit output
curl: fix build when proxy is not enabled in PACKAGECONFIG
libgcrypt: upgrade 1.9.2 -> 1.9.3
kernel-devicetree: Fix interaction when packaging disabled
sstate.bbclass: fix errors about read-only sstate mirrors
Use the label provided when formating a dos partition
linux-yocto/5.10: rcu: Fix stall-warning deadlock due to non-release of rcu_node ->lock
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.128
linux-yocto/5.10: features/nft_tables: refresh config options
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.46
kernel: Fix interaction when packaging disabled
selftest/fetch: Avoid occasional selftest failure from poor temp file name choice
ifupdown: Skip wrong test item
package_pkgdata: Avoid task hash mismatches for generic task changes
devtool upgrade: rebase override-only patches as well
uboot-sign.bbclass: fix some install commands
linux-yocto/5.10: cgroup1: fix leaked context root causing sporadic NULL deref in LTP
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.43
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.42
kernel.bbclass: fix do_sizecheck() comparison
perf: Use python3targetconfig to ensure we use target libraries
valgrind: Actually install list of non-deterministic ptests
valgrind: remove buggy ptest from arm64
linuxloader: Be aware of riscv32 ldso
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.125
lttng-tools: upgrade 2.12.3 -> 2.12.4
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.124
native.bbclass: Do not remove "-native" in the middle of recipe names Do not modify BPN
linux-firmware: upgrade 20210315 -> 20210511
image-live.bbclass: order do_bootimg after do_rootfs
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.123
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.41
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.120
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.38
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.119
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.37
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.118
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.36
linux-yocto/5.10: ktypes/standard: disable obsolete crypto options by default
linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.117
linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.35
classes/reproducible_build: Use atomic rename for SDE file
valgrind: Improve non-deterministic ptest reliability
valgrind: fix a typo
python3: upgrade 3.9.4 -> 3.9.5
oeqa/runtime/rpm: Drop log message counting test component
package_rpm: pass XZ_THREADS to rpm
pkgconfig: update SRC_URI
flex: correct license information
bind: upgrade 9.16.15 -> 9.16.16
bind: upgrade 9.16.13 -> 9.16.15
bind: upgrade 9.16.12 -> 9.16.13
lib/oe/ Fix gpg verification
sstate: Ignore sstate signing key
boost: fix do_fetch failure
baremetal-image: Fix post process command rootfs_update_timestamp
ltp: Disable problematic tests causing autobuilder hangs
ccache: add packageconfig docs option
sstate: Handle manifest 'corruption' issue
glibc: Add 8GB VM usage cap for usermode test suite
uninative: Upgrade to 3.2 (gcc11 support)
meta/lib/oe/ Fix typo "Restoreing" -> "Restoring"
image.bbclass: fix comment "pacackages" -> "packages"
bitbake: server/process: Handle error in heartbeat funciton in OOM case
bitbake: fetch2/wget: when checking latest versions, consider all numerical directories